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When you’re creating your account on the Deeper Signals platform for the first time, these are the steps to follow.

Sign up

To create an account, click on the invite link provided by your platform administrator, which you received via email.

The link will take you to the “Create an Account” dialog.

Creating an Account Using Your Email Address

  1. First, enter your email address and click “Continue”.

  2. Enter your first name, your last name and create your password. After reviewing the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use, select the “I have read and agree to the Deeper Signals Privacy Policy and T&C” checkbox if you agree.

  3. Click “Register” to finish.


If you already have an account, go to https://app.deepersignals.com/ to login.

This will take you to our login screen. Use your username and password to log into your account.


I can’t find an invite email from my platform administrator; what should I do?

Sometimes our domain is not whitelisted and may end up in spam or completely blocked by your company’s firewall. This requires internal verification, so don't hesitate to contact your platform administrator for help.

You can also go to the login page (https://app.deepersignals.com/) and click Reset password. You will receive a new link to set your password and register (this will activate your account).

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