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This article shows you how to navigate your home screen on the Deeper Signals platform.


Once you log in, you can see all the assessments your account admin assigned to your account in the “Assessments” tab or under the “Current Task” section. Here you can start an assessment by clicking on the “Get started” button.

In the "Reports" section, you can access your reports from previously taken assessments. If you click on "Dive deeper," you can view the full report.


In the “DynaMo” tab, you can find the continuous feedback tool, where you will get new feedback content every week based on your Core Drivers report to help you get the most out of your talents and improve. To start, select “Start journey”.

If this feature is locked in your account, that’s usually because you still haven’t taken your Core Drivers assessment. In case it’s still locked after you complete the assessment, that means that it is not included in your billing plan. Please contact your platform administrator if you want it activated.


Under the account tab, you can access your profile, view our Privacy policy or access your Download Center. You can also log out from your profile here.


If you’re experiencing technical issues, you can reach us by clicking on the red round icon in the lower-right corner of the dashboard. You can send us a message, or browse through our helpdesk articles via “Help” tab.

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