Update user profile information
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To update your user profile information, select the “Account” tab and click “View Profile”.

Main info

In this tab you can edit your name, upload or remove an image, update your email, change password, logout from all sessions across all devices you were using, or delete your account.


In this tab you can edit details like your company name, gender, country, and ethnicity. To finish, click “Save”.

Privacy settings

Two factor authentication

By toggling this button you can set up two-factor authentication for better security of your account. If you want it enabled, you’ll need to download a Google Authenticator app to your phone in order to be able to scan a QR code to confirm your identity.

Delete my shared links

Here you can disable all currently active shared report links and they won’t be able to access your report anymore. For example, you wanted someone to see your report results, and you've sent them a report link; if you don’t want them to be able to access it anymore, you can delete the link here.

Restrict my Teams data

If you toggle this button, you will remove your score visibility from your Teams report and access to your coaching report from your manager.

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