Start an assessment
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To start an assessment, click on the link provided to you by your platform administrator. First, enter your email address and click “Continue”. After that, enter your name and password to create your account. If you already have an account, click “Log in here”.

This will take you to the “Home” screen where you can see all assessments that were assigned to you under “Current Task” tab. To begin taking an assessment, select “Start assessment”.

The assessment usually takes 5-7 minutes to complete, and you can immediately access your report and download it.


If you were assigned two assessments (for example, both Core Drivers and Core Values), after you complete the first assessment, go to “Home” to return to the home screen where you can start another assessment. The assessment you completed first will be under “Reports”, and the one you still need to complete will be under “Current Task”. To start another assessment, click “Get started” or “Start assessment”.

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