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How are the goals suggested to me?

The Deeper Signals Platform will suggest goals for each sprint based on an your Core Drivers profile. Goals associated with the highest-scoring Core Driver will be listed first, followed by the second highest-scoring Core Driver, and so on. Each Core Driver has two possible goals to choose from, and you can also choose to work on goals from your Secondary Drivers.

What are the goals I can choose to develop?

The DynaMo goal library currently contains two goals per Core Driver. More goals are being developed and future updates will allow you to write your own goals. Get in touch with your account administrator to learn more about this.

You can find a list of all the current goals below:


To build trust with others

To be more customer-focused


To address not avoid conflict

To be more assertive, firm, and forceful


To be more planful and organized

To improve strategic thinking


To adapt better to change

To let go and delegate


To level up persistence, energy, and drive

To improve leadership skills


To manage pace and avoid burnout

To focus more on the wants and needs of others


To persuade others and increase influence

To be more social and grow my network


To show more humility and give others credit

To limit distractions and stay focused


To increase my innovation potential

To learn new things with a growth mindset


To become an expert problem solver

To communicate clearly and concisely


To be more resilient

To think positive and show more optimism


To anticipate potential problems proactively

To give better feedback

How many activity cards are shared in each sprint?

Six activity cards will be shared with you in a sprint. The frequency of cards depends on the length of the sprint. For example, cards are shared :

  • Every 5 days for 30-day sprints

  • Every 8 days for 60-day sprints

  • Every 15 days for 90-day sprints

Will I receive a notification when a new activity card is available, or if a sprint is about to end?

Yes, you will receive email notifications.

Can I restart a sprint or choose a new goal to work on during a sprint?

You can’t restart a sprint, but you can close the sprint early and select a new goal to work on.

Can I retake a Core Drivers assessment while a DynaMo Journey is active?

No. You must complete your DynaMo Journey before you can retake a Core Drivers assessment.

Can admins see what goals am I working towards in my sprints?

Admins can see whether someone has started their DynaMo Journey or not, the number of DynaMo journeys and goals they have completed, the number of goals partially completed, and the number of goals skipped.

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