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DS Platform updates (Feb 9, '23.)
DS Platform updates (Feb 9, '23.)
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What's new?

  • ADMIN - Settings - Manage roles and permissions: Advanced role management (by R-ABAC principle) is now available to support a more granular and customized access to platform for admin roles.

    Additionally, with the migration and refinement of the existing system roles, we’re introducing a new admin role: Account Owner with a capability to create custom roles, access core account features and configure preferences.

    Note: Advanced role management is a on-demand feature currently released in Beta, meaning some functionalities, like permission dependencies are coming up in next iterations. We’d also like to hear your thoughts on the current scope and future levels of granularity.

  • ADMIN - All Users - Switch user report: Based on their account’s designated libraries admins can now easily change report type on their user base and move it in batches from e.g. Core Drivers Light to Core Drivers Pro and/or vice versa!

What's improved?

  • ADMIN - Home - Dashboard represents a new way to quickly access your account’s main menus, with some added content like system and feature updates banner that will keep you in the loop with all things new at Deeper Signals!

  • ADMIN - Global search is optimized for searching through user groups, projects and individuals of the main account and its child accounts. Table search is optimized for the search with additional parameters such as space and for c/p queries.

What's fixed?

  • USER - Login: 2FA fixes for validation of a code leading with 0 (from 26.1.0 QA release)

  • ADMIN - Global search minimal requirement is restored to below 3 characters query.

  • ADMIN - Navigation: Company logo update fix with image to new admin Dashboard (from 26.1.0 QA release)

  • ADMIN - Assessment: Icon editing fix

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