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DS Platform updates (Feb 28, '23.)
DS Platform updates (Feb 28, '23.)
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What's new?

  • ADMIN - Teams - Team Dynamics reports now support custom content in an intro container meaning your company can add text, image even video embeds to further empower their team managers and admins.

    Note: for the report security reasons this content is added on the side of the Deeper Signals platform team so get in touch with your DS contact to learn more!

What's improved?

  • USER - Core Drivers Pro report is now available in an updated design for the PDF format download featuring additional Reflections sections. Note: report translation supported for most platform languages, some updates expected in the coming days

  • ADMIN - Teams - Imported (dummy) users can now easily be assigned admin roles in the User details (and following an invite, registered through the admin account notification)

  • GLOBAL - UI - framework upgrade (Tailwind 3.0)

What's fixed?

  • ADMIN - Global search assessment object no longer triggering logout.

  • ADMIN - Competencies csv download now supports filtered parameters correctly.

  • USER profile is now properly storing demographics state parameter on update action.

  • USER - fix for looped authentication flow for dummy users.

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