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DS Platform updates (Mar 21, '23.)
DS Platform updates (Mar 21, '23.)
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What's new?

ADMIN - Libraries - Competencies: Custom competency feedback can be added to Team Dynamics reports. Leaders now have the insights to develop their teams against organisational competency frameworks and KPIs.

Here’s how it works:

1. In the new Content library tab create a new library for the report, add custom feedback for each existing competency and its scoring level, then mark the content as completed (content in Not completed status will not show on the reports).

2. Assign your Competency library to your account, then assign the selected content library to your Teams report.

3. Check your active Team Dynamics reports. Each team will now automatically receive their personalized feedback based on the existing competency scoring system.

Note: changing assigned Competency library of the account will affect active reports with already assigned content libraries, so updating should always be done on both levels and only after all the content has been prepared.

What's improved?

  • GLOBAL - API - Competencies scores are now supported by the DS API. See the documentation here.

  • USER - Core Drivers b2c report is now available in updated design with Unlock full report options and basic PDF download.

  • USER - Login/Registration page now supports visibility toggle for password input.

  • GLOBAL - UI - app wide breadcrumbs and navigation styling improvements.

What's fixed?

  • ADMIN - Assessments Responses table fix for Teams search.

  • ADMIN - Users table fix for Role column inclusion of the new RABAC roles filter.

  • ADMIN - Analytics View and Update custom role permissions refined for viewing/moving/downloading charts on the Dashboard and updating Settings, respectively. Chart editing is a reserved system permission until further notice.

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