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DS Platform updates (May 3, '23.)
DS Platform updates (May 3, '23.)
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What's improved?

  • ADMIN - All Users/Assessments/Competencies - Filters: Date filter is now a calendar ‘picker’ element allowing filtering for assessment start and end dates (Responses table) as well as user creation date (All Users, Competencies) with minimal single day value (e.g. filtering between 2 same dates)

  • ADMIN - All Users/Analytics - Competencies: Filter logic is improved by allowing filtering action only when selecting Apply button and staying sticky (active and highlighted) until manually reset (Reset&Close button) or logged out of current session.

  • ADMIN - Assessments - Create assessment: Permission to create assessment now available for Account Owner system role and within custom role permissions scope. Libraries required for Core Drivers and Core Values assessment are predefined but report library can be changed if needed.

  • ADMIN - Settings - Manage roles: System roles permissions are now accessible for viewing to Account Admins and within custom role permissions scope.

  • ADMIN - Libraries - Competencies: Included permissions to edit Competency content library for custom competencies feedback in the reports and to assign it to assessment reports (Settings - Teams, Assessment-Settings). Note: changing content libraries dynamically removes all previous feedback content from the reports.

What's fixed?

  • ADMIN - Analytics - Competencies: Download cvs file is now capturing only competency users/scores

  • Admin - Libraries - Competencies: Content library now requires both title and body for feedback content to be filled for Mark Completed action

  • Admin - Libraries - Competencies: Settings now displays all connected assessment libraries in the Assessment modal with improved dropdown for multiple selections display

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