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DS Platform updates (May 25, '23.)
DS Platform updates (May 25, '23.)
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What's new?

  • USER/ADMIN - The Core Values report is now available in a refreshed layout reflecting the new design guidelines implemented in the suite of Deeper Signals reports.

  • ADMIN - Users - Assessments & Reports: Coaching report now supports inclusion of custom competency feedback based on previously introduced Competency content libraries. Create your content library and assign it in the Assessments settings to the corresponding report type fields - one for your end user, one for your coaching efforts!

What's improved?

  • ADMIN - Settings - Manage roles: Account Owner role now has the permission to Merge users to eliminate duplicates by transferring imported email address of inactive user to the same active user using private email (see release 31.1.0).

  • ADMIN - Projects: Project name can now be updated from the Project settings modal.

  • ADMIN - Global settings: Dropdowns with single select option now support deselect action in the form of the ‘None (default)’ selection option. Use it when you want to unassign a library or undo a previous setting instead of having to switch to another one from the list!

What's fixed?

  • ADMIN - Libraries - Competencies: Fixed issue for filtering by non-existing object (e.g. Match value) which resulted in an empty state display. Other minor filter action fixes.

  • Admin - Settings - Manage roles: System roles and their permissions are now visible on accounts without enabled RABAC role feature (aka custom roles).

  • Admin - Projects - Assessments - Compare: only users belonging to a project can now be compared by results. Other UI/UX improvements (filters, delete, text, alignments…)

  • Global - Dropdown fields: removal of None selection option from dropdowns where deselect option is not needed.

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