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DS Platform updates (June 13, '23.)
DS Platform updates (June 13, '23.)
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What's new?

  • ADMIN - Assessment - Invites: Admins can now ‘attach’ a second assessment to their assessment invite email by automatically assigning an assessment to user’s Dashboard.

    How to do it? Follow the usual email invite flow and in the step 3, where you would typically assign groups, from the dropdown at the top select one additional assessment that will be assigned to all the users of this particular invite.

    Note: tracking for the second assessment will be available under its own Assessment Invites tracker and not under the originally sent assessment.

What's improved?

  • ADMIN - Libraries: Admins can now easily determine the ownership and the privacy status of the libraries (Competency, Dynamo) and so have a better understanding what changes can be made under which one. What are the cues? Open folder icon will tell you library is of a shared property and inline you will see the name of the account sharing the resource. If you hover over the icon you will additionally see the shared status, which can indicate library is shared to child accounts (within account hierarchy) or community (across DS system). Closed folder icon will indicate library is private and accessible only to its owner/creator!

  • API - Assessment - Reports: Shared links for user reports can now be generated via API. See API documentation for more info.

What's fixed?

  • Admin - Responses: Admins can now enable columns for assessment dimensions and Groups column is no longer fixed on the UI

  • Admin - Analytics - Competencies: Fixes and improvements for copied user case and changes to competencies libraries for calculating competencies on the fly and displaying updated analytics

  • Admin - Responses: Results csv is now downloadable per applied UACF (with edge cases for other potential download issues)

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