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DS Platform updates (July 12, '23.)
DS Platform updates (July 12, '23.)
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What's new?

ADMIN - Teams: It has never been easier to manage the rollout and use of Team Dynamics reports across your organization. You can now use HRIS integrations to provide access to specific business units, departments or regions.

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Go to the account Settings page.

  2. Navigate to Manage Teams.

  3. Specify the HRIS data points (e.g., country, region, department) for accessibility.

  4. Only administrators matching the HRIS keyword-value pairs will see the Teams menu item.

  5. Users without HRIS data won't have access to the feature.

Combine this new feature with User Access Control Filtering (UACF) for increased privacy for individual team members.

  • USER - Profile - Privacy Settings: Users now have the ability to opt-out of including their Core Drivers in the Team Dynamics report and prevent managers from accessing their feedback reports. This empowers individuals with enhanced privacy and ensures that the Deeper Signals Platform is fully aligned with an organization's data privacy requirements.

What's improved?

  • ADMIN - Analytics Dashboard: You can now segment and filter your custom analytics dashboards using HRIS data. Identifying, engaging, and coaching talent across your organization has never been more seamless.

  • ADMIN - Assign role: Admins can no longer create or assign a user with a role beyond the scope of their own current permissions. (Note: further updates for granular permissions and role downgrade coming up soon!

What's fixed?

  • Admin - User details - Verify toggle: Fix for sending verification email on deactivation

  • Admin - Assessment - Invites: Fixes for issues with email invites (groups csv upload, email subject editing) (36.2.1. hotfix release). Note: Removed Login requirement dropdown for anonymous assessments which are no longer supported.

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