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DS Platform updates (August 21, '23.)
DS Platform updates (August 21, '23.)
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What's new?


Account owner and Account admin roles can now select between two access control options: the default “AND” logic which is displayed as “Match by all” option and “OR” logic which is displayed as “Match by any” option.

This means that user access will be restricted for the admin either by all the added organizational (HRIS) / platform (Groups) attributes, or by any of the added attributes that users match.


  • Use Match by all when you want to setup a stricter access control over your user base - e.g. you want admins to see only users from certain region AND only those that belong to certain group (instead of all).

  • Use Match by any when you want to widen the scope of user access to several segments at once - e.g. certain region but also, in addition, to some group OR different department.

Note: Logic can be set via appearing dropdown when at least two filter parameters are defined and can be changed at any time. Only one logic can be used as a filter at a time.

What's improved?

  • ADMIN - All Users - Download PDFs: When user reports are downloaded as PDF in bulk, they are now named by the updated convention: <USER NAME>_<REPORT NAME>_<YY-MM-DD> to support better overview in folders and sorting.

  • ADMIN - User details - Assessments&Reports: Admins can now see which report is in use for the particular user (e.g. Core Drivers Light, Core Drivers Pro) and when was the report potentially changed via Switch report action from All Users table.

  • ADMIN - Analytics - Competencies: Competencies results table is now connected to All Users table, allowing admins to immediately open individual user’s details page.

  • FRONTEND REFACTORING: Updated codebase of Projects as a support for new upcoming Projects release Improvement to global spinner component.

What's fixed?

  • User - Dynamo Fix for multiple goal selection if user had more than one Core Drivers assessments assigned. Only latest assessment results are taken into calculation and selection. Fix for retake on the disabled button. Retake is not supported once journey is started.

  • Admin - Settings - Activate Dynamo: Fix for not being able to inactivate Dynamo feed. NOTE: When Dynamo feed is deactivated via toggle, all Dynamo libraries are unassigned and any Dynamo progress for users will be removed.

  • Admin - Assessments - Insights: Removed sticky filter for groups when navigating outside the page.

  • Admin - Assessments - Track Emails: Fix for tracking table display.

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