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DS Platform updates (October 11, '23.)
DS Platform updates (October 11, '23.)
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What's new?


Admins now have the ability to customize their notification preferences. Daily, weekly, or monthly reminders can be set up to track the number of users who completed assessments in the previous day/week/month.

ADMIN - Projects: When creating a project you automatically become the owner of that project. Account owners and account admins can assign project owners and designate projects as private or public. Private projects are visible only to the assigned owner, while public projects are accessible to all admins. Additionally, admins can tag specific projects as favorites, ensuring these projects remain at the top of their project list for quick access.

Note: For accounts integrated with HRIS, projects can be restricted, ensuring visibility only to users sharing the same UAC filter as the project owner.

What's improved?

  • ADMIN - Teams: Admins can now create two distinct types of teams: enterprise and coaching. Enterprise teams follow existing procedures, while coaching teams can be directly generated on the platform without the need for CSV file uploads. Additionally, a single individual can now be the manager for multiple coaching teams.

Note: Admins have the option to (dis)allow team managers to view users within their

  • ADMIN - All Users - Assessments and reports: You can now switch a users report for a specific assessment on the assessments page of the users profile.

  • ADMIN - Projects - Search: A search function was added to the project tab so users can find specific projects more easily.

What's fixed?

  • Admin - Settings - System emails: Fix for merge tags.

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