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DS Platform updates (November 20, ‘23)
DS Platform updates (November 20, ‘23)
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What's new?


We've upgraded Dynamo with new features to enhance usability and increase user adoption:

  • End Sprints Early: Users now have the ability to skip or end their DynaMo sprints early if they feel the sprint is not relevant to them, providing flexibility and ensuring time is spent on what matters most.

  • Email Notifications for New Activities: Users will receive email notifications when new coaching activities are available, keeping them engaged in their development journey.

  • HRIS Integration for Enterprise Accounts: For enterprise accounts with HRIS integration, DynaMo can now be tailored based on UAC filters, offering greater customization and personalization.

  • Measure Sprint Impact: Users have the option to provide feedback and rate the helpfulness of each card, contributing to a "sprint impact" score that represents the usefulness of the sprint on their professional development.

What's Improved?

  • Bulk Copy of Users with Results: Admins can now copy users in bulk from the "All Users" table to another account they manage, along with their results, streamlining user management.

    Note: Any admins that are copied will be converted to standard users in the target account.

  • Competency Content HTML Editor: We are enhancing feedback capabilities in the competency content editor by replacing the text input field with an HTML editor, providing more flexibility and removing character limitations.

  • User Table Search Enhancements with SOUNDEX Algorithm: The new text search option, leveraging the SOUNDEX algorithm, expands the current search functionality to accommodate spelling mistakes, improving the user experience.

  • Mobile-Friendly Design for the Download Center: We've updated the download center with a mobile-friendly design, ensuring users have a seamless experience across devices.

What’s Fixed

  • Admin - All Assessments - Insights: Fixed the issue with the number of participants not matching the count of responses, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

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