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DS Platform updates (January 17, ‘24)
DS Platform updates (January 17, ‘24)
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What’s new

  • New and Improved User Interface: We are excited to announce a fresh and modern redesign, enhancing the overall user experience. The revamped user dashboard, designed for ease and efficiency, makes completing assigned assessments and viewing available reports straightforward and clear. We have also enhanced the admin environment with a streamlined design, setting the stage for more exciting features to come.

  • ADMIN - All users - Move user: You can now transfer a user from one account to another account that you manage. Unlike copying a user, this action will remove the user from the original account. Learn more about it here.

  • Teams - Team Creator - Download Team Scores: You can now download the scores of each team you created in the Team Creator. The team scores include scores for the manager, an average for the team, and an average for the team including the manager. These scores only include the main dimensions and not the sub-dimensions. You can learn more about it here.

What’s improved

  • All Assessments - Responses - Download: When downloading the user scores file, you can now include the Learning Journeys status of each user. This allows you to see which users have started or completed their Learning Journey and for which of their Core Drivers.

  • All users - Download CSV of users: When you download a CSV file of selected users, the file will now include user progress data for DynaMo. The table will display whether someone has started their DynaMo Journey or not, the number of DynaMo journeys and goals they have completed, the number of goals partially completed, and the number of goals skipped. Learn more about it here.

  • DS-SELECT upgrade: Items can now be deselected, the Default (none) option is removed.

What’s fixed

  • Analytics - Settings - Data upload: Data ingest improvements for HRIS and team import.

  • Bug fix for the SSO login with invite token.

  • Bug fix for the Learning Journeys completion status.

  • Fix for the search display error in the Team Creator.

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